Who We Are

Supporting Older Adults Through Resources, Inc. (“SOAR”) is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to financially serve Frederick County seniors. Seniors are the largest growing population and many are without the opportunity to generate more income. Since 2015, SOAR has provided over $250,000 to support Frederick County seniors.

“As a social worker one of my major roles is to remove barriers for people I work with. It is hard for most of us to imagine not being able to replace a bed with exposed coils or pay a co-pay for medication. With the help of SOAR those barriers were removed quickly and the gratitude of those served will be something I will not likely forget. SOAR is quick to respond to referrals and goes above and beyond to help, even with the most complex situations. Frederick County is a better place because of the impact SOAR has had on seniors in our community”

Leigh Hunter, Social Worker

Our Goals

  • Raise awareness as to the plight of older adults
  • Raise necessary funds through events, sponsorship’s, donations and grants
  • Establish partnerships with businesses
  • Bridge the gap for access to needed services
  • Recruit and maintain a pool of volunteers

Call to Action

  • Tell one person you know about our organization and its mission and ask them to tell one person. This helps spread the word about who we are and how we can help.
  • Support our events, mail campaigns, business partnership opportunities, make a donation or consider volunteering
  • Together we can make a difference in the lives of our vulnerable older adults.